Born in Sopot, Poland in 1945, studied architecture and poster design. As a student he begun contributing drawings to Polish magazines.

From 1970 to 1972 Dudziński lived in London working for such underground magazines as Oz, Ink and Time Out. Back in Poland he quickly established his reputation, specifically with the help of a wingless bird of contest named Dudi − a regular feature in Poland’s foremost satirical weekly Szpilki. His work appeared in choice Polish periodicals, he designed posters for film and theater, illustrated books for children, designed sets for the stage and television and exhibited his fine art at Warsaw’s leading galleries.

In 1977 Dudziński was invited to the International Design Conference in Aspen, Colorado. He stayed on in New York City afterwards. Since then his work was published in most of the leading magazines and newspapers both in the US and Europe (including The Atlantic Monthly, The Boston Globe, Newsweek, The New York Times, Playboy, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, The Washington Post and Time. He received commissions from AT&T, Citicorp, IBM, Deutche Telekom, Nestle, The Royal Bank of Scotland, and many others.

From 1982 to 1989 Dudziński taught at Parson’s School of Design in New York. He now exhibits fine art (painting drawing, photography and digital paintings) dividing his time between New York and Warsaw.

In 2001 he became an honorary citizen of Sopot.

In 2002 Dudziński began work on a new cycle of digital paintings. In 2004 he designed sets for Warsaw’s National Theatre production of the Death of a Salesman. In 2007 Polish TV channel Culture featured Sunday with Andrzej Dudziński and in 2008 broadcast Dudi, a documentary on Dudziński’s life and work directed by Małgorzata Łupina. In April 2009 a richly illustrated memoir A Small Alphabet of Magda and Andrzej Dudziński was published by Wydawnictwo Literackie.

2012 — decorated with the Officer's Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta.

October 2012 — TVP Kultura broadcasts for the second time Sunday with Andrzej Dudziński.

2013 — recipient of the Neptun Prize awarded by the President of Gdańsk.

2014 — receives the ZAiKS Award.

2015 — makes his directorial debut with a documentary My Father from Neverland, commemorating 100th anniversary of birth of Stanisław Dygat — the script by Magda Dygat.


one man shows:

International Culture Center, Cracow
Jan Fejkiel Gallery, Cracow
Polish Culture Institute, Prague
Espace Caran d'Ache, Geneve

Państwowa Galeria Sztuki, Sopot
Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Sopotu, Sopot

Creation Gallery, Tokyo
Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej, Olsztyn

Galeria Grafiki i Plakatu, Warsaw
Jan Fejkiel Gallery, Cracow
Festival of Stars, Międzyzdroje
Medica, Düsseldorf

Corcoran Gallery, Washington
Galeria Miejska, Tarnów
BWA, Bydgoszcz

Galeria Sztuki, Lublin
Galeria Miejska, Tarnów
Zamek Książąt Pomorskich, Szczecin
Polish Culture Institute, Leipzig

Galeria Fotografii, Rzeszów
Państwowa Galeria Sztuki, Sopot
Galeria Plakatu TCK, Tarnów
Galeria Fotografii, Warsaw
Polish Culture Institute, Düsseldorf
Galeria Fotografii, Wrocław

Polish Culture Institute, Paris
Galeria Teatru Witkacego, Zakopane
Galeria „Opus”,Wrocław

Polish Culture Institute, Berlin
BWA, Rzeszów
Muzeum Warmii i Mazur, The Reszel Castle

Teatr im. J.Kochanowskiego, Opole
Polish Days in Slovakia, Bratislava
Młyn Szancera, Tarnów
Klima Bocheńska Gallery / Fabryka Trzciny, Warsaw
Teatr Mały, Warsaw
Traffic Club, Warsaw
Kordegarda, Warsaw

Muzeum Karykatury, Warsaw
Wirydarz Galeria Sztuki, Lublin
Fabryka Trzciny, Warsaw

Galeria Grafiki i Plakatu, Warsaw
Młyn Szancera, Tarnów

Małopolska Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej, Gorlice
Galeria Pomorskiego Parku Naukowo-Technologicznego, Gdynia
Muzeum Miedzi, Legnica

Dominican Abbey, Lublin
Mościckie Centrum Kultury / Galeria Miejska w Tarnowie
BUW (University of Warsaw Library)

Museum Night, Klima Bocheńska Gallery, Warsaw
Different Sounds Art & Music Festival, Lublin
ArtFest 2009, Tarnów

Mościce Art Center, Tarnów

Galeria Grafiki i Plakatu, Warsaw
XXII Gliwice Theatre Festival, The Musical Theatre, Gliwice
House of Congresses and Conferences of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Jabłonna
War Against Nation (Drawings from the New York Times) - commemorating 30th anniversary of the introduction of martial law in Poland, Presidential Palace, Warsaw

The Cinema of Andrzej Dudziński (Films that never were, Posters for nonexistent movies), 17th Gdynia Film Festival, Gdynia
Haiku (Drawings), Society of Friends of Sopot, Sopot
Paintings and Envelopes, Synagogue under White Stork, Wrocław
Savage Geometry (Paintings, Drawings, Assemblages), Państwowa Galeria Sztuki, Sopot
Attention: Low voltage (Digital paintings), ArtFest 2012 − Mościckie Centrum Kultury / Galeria Miejska w Tarnowie, Tarnów Mościce

War Against Nation (Drawings from the New York Times), Dominican Cloister, Lublin
Paintings, Galeria Teatru Witkacego, Zakopane
Tableau for Theatre Współczesny, Warsaw
Attention: Low voltage (Digital paintings), outdoor installation, Długi Targ, Gdańsk
The Voltage is Rising (Digital paintings), ArtFest 2013 − Mościckie Centrum Kultury / Galeria Miejska w Tarnowie, Tarnów Mościce

Eye to Eye with the Beast, Łaźnia 2, Gdańsk
Digital paintings, Galeria Spokojna, Warszawa
ZAiKS Award, outdoor installation, Krakowskie Przedmieście, Warszawa
Music on Canvas, Filharmonia, Szczecin

Andrzej Dudziński, Agora, Warszawa

Eye to Eye with the Beast, BWA Jelenia Góra