The show New New York Manhattan photographed by Andrzej Dudzinski is an attempt to give answer to the following question: Can anything new be still added to the vast collection of New York images and stories? Pictures from 1980 - 2009 show the City slightly off kilter, at times out of focus and altogether from a somewhat different perspective. At times as it wasn't that familiar Manhattan so well known from countless photographs..

Manhattan is demitologized in a stunningly flat panorama of the City seen from the shores of New Jersey. The majestic Empire State Building is shown in a company of two sole smoke stacks. Dudzinski is equally keen on studying the city's great buildings as its people as well. Especially those inscribed into the architectural detail of this eclectic urban collection. Like the black guy living in a cardboard box somewhere in the East 50's, or the covered up homeless figure on the bench along Central Park on Fifth Avenue.

The exhibition, produced by Galeria Miejska w Tarnowie, is at Mościckie Centrum Kultury from Dec 5 till Jan 15. The show's companion is a film No Parking Today. (5,5 min.) shot in HD in Manhattan.